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Which system is right for me?

Size of house

1 or 2 peopleSmall home
1 or 2 people

2 to 4 peopleAverage home
2 to 4 people

4 plus peopleLarge home
4+ people

Energy use

Lights, TV, DVD, stereo, refrigerator, dishwasher, kettle, microwave, computer, washing machine, a/c

Lights, TV, DVD, stereo, refrigerator, dishwasher, kettle, microwave, computer, washing machine, dryer, a/c

Lights, TV, DVD, stereo, refrigerator, dishwasher, kettle, microwave, computer, washing machine, pool pump, a/c

Best package





We also offer systems up to 10kW.

How much can I save?

Cut your electricity
bill by up to
per year.

Cut your electricity bill
by up to
per year.

Cut your electricity bill
by up to
per year.

Expert Installers
Environmental Benefits
  1. No emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), mercury, nitrogen oxide (NOX), sulfur dioxide (SO2) or particulate matter into the air, water or soil. Commonly cited effects of these harmful pollutants include climate change, mercury poisoning, acid rain and smog.
  2. Doesn’t require fossil-fuel extraction that seriously damages the land.
  3. Made from unlimited renewable sources that will never run out, unlike limited and polluting fossil fuel sources. 
  4. Making the switch to Solar Energy means decreasing your reliance on traditionally generated electricity from your utility company. 
  5. Solar Energy has the power to reduce your home energy costs by almost 95%.Helps preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Residential Solar Power Packages
Making the switch to solar is easy with Skypower Energy. Our residential solar packages start at just $2,500 (or $48 a week) fully installed for a 1.5kW system. Whatever your energy needs, we have you covered.


Paper process, rolling machine, metal machine tools, food process and other industry applications such as water pump, air compressor, blower, air condition, packing machine, ceramic ball mill, textile machine, industrial washing machine, plastic injection machine, wooden machine, CNC machine, it's available for all kinds of machines. 

Power Range:
Three phase 230v 1hp-40hp (0.75kw-35kw)
Three phase 400v 1hp-75hp (0.75kw-55kw)
Product Brief:
B501 series inverter is high-performance general purpose sensorless vector inverter.  Combined with motor parameters auto tuning function of B501 series can auto detect motor parameters and auto set correlative control parameters.B501 series have three selectable control modes:  V/F, V/F with PG, and sensorless vector control which provided the functions of auto torque boost in all speed ranges, auto torque compensation and silence steady operation.

Main Features:
  • Closed-loop PID control and auto torque compensation
  • Auto tuning motor function
  • Simple PLC timer function and pulse output
  • LCD operator with 2 parameters simultaneous monitor
  • Parameters monitor and online adjustment
  • V/F, V/F with PG, and sensorless vector control are selectable
  • Carrier frequency up to 15khz
  • Standard internal RS-485 Modbus communication
  • Profibus communication card optional
  • Energy saving & Automatic voltage regulation
  • Energy saving operation function to increase motor power factor and efficiency to limit
  • Standard internal PG card assisting PG to realize V/F with PG speed close loop control
Quality product & design
15 year warranty on panels
Actual savings delivered to your business while energy costs fluctuate daily, specialize in Energy Conservation .

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  • Wind turbine
  • Solar/wind installation
  • Dirty energy vs Clean Energy
  • Energy conservation tips


​A wind turbine is a machine that transforms the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical or electrical energy. Wind turbines consist of a foundation, a tower, a nacelle and a rotor. The foundation prevents the turbine from falling over. The tower holds up the rotor and a nacelle (or box).

The nacelle contains large primary components such as the main axle, gearbox, generator, transformer and control system. The rotor is made of the blades and the hub, which holds them in position as they turn. Most commercial wind turbines have three rotor blades. The length of the blades can be more than 60 metres.

Wind turbines start operating at wind speeds of 4 to 5 metres per second and reach maximum power output at around 15 metres/second. At very high wind speeds, that is gale force winds of 25 metres/second, wind turbines shut down. A modern wind turbine produces electricity 70-85% of the time, but it generates different outputs depending on the wind speed.

​Over the course of a year, it will typically generate about 24% of the theoretical maximum output (41% offshore). This is known as its capacity factor. The capacity factor of conventional power stations is on average 50%-80%. Because of stoppages for maintenance or breakdowns, no power plant generates power for 100% of the time.

​Wind turbines can carry on generating electricity for 20-25 years. Over their lifetime they will be running continuously for as much as 120,000 hours. This compares with the design lifetime of a car engine, which is 4,000 to 6,000 hours.

Dirty Vs Clean
Did you know that most of the electricity in the U.S. is made from non-renewable, polluting sources such as coal, Nuclear? Most people also don't realize that the traditional production of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S. But there's a better way….

Clean Energy is 100% pollution-free and produced entirely from renewable sources, such as wind, meaning the resources used to make them are naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible. Supporting clean energy is Skypower Energy whole reason for being – it's why we were founded and what we continue to strive for each day.

The Benefits of Clean Electricity
Did you know that the traditional production of electricity is the largest source of industrial air pollution in the U.S.? That’s the bad news. The good news is that with Skypower Energy you can choose to support clean, 100% pollution-free, renewable electricity instead. You can actually be part of the solution to this pollution problem! 

The benefits of generating electricity using clean renewable resources are broad, ranging from environmental to economic. By choosing clean electricity you can do something positive for the environment today that also creates benefits for the generations of tomorrow.
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