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Actual savings delivered to your business while energy costs fluctuate daily, specialize in Energy Conservation .

  • Rate Analysis - Review your existing rates and contracts.
  • Market Updates - Market recaps, news, plus our 20 years experience.
  • Energy Management - Actual savings delivered to your business while energy costs fluctuate daily, specialize in Energy Conservation . Call us  to schedule an audit of your building. Audits are free and will take less than 2 hours to complete.Skypower Energy Corporation will provide a lighting and saving proposal illustrating existing lights and their costs and will propose a cost effective and efficient alternative and analysis of the overall financial impact of the products.Skypower will also supply all the cost efficient lighting system like HED, LED and retrofit.


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  • FIXED RATE: This product offers the customer the highest degree of price stability, complete budget certainty and protection from pricing spikes in a volatile market. It allows you to fix your electricity rate for the duration of your contract from 12 months - 60 months.
  • MANAGED INDEX RATE: This is the real-time price of energy set by supply/demand. This product enables you to take advantage of potential decline in electricity prices, instead of paying a fixed retail settlement rate for his meter read cycle and load profile blended with any forward hedge purchases the customer has elected.
  • HEAT RATE: this product is ideal for customer wanting to link the cost of power to gas. This is a fixed ratio of natural gas to a contracted heat rate for a term and may vary monthly.
  • BLENDED RATE: The blended rate product works by allowing the customer to take advantage of their load profile to settle against the off-peak Managed  Index rate and gain access to significantly lower rate than the fixed price market.​