A charge assessed to recover a TDU’s charges for Advanced Metering Systems, to the extent that they are not recovered in a TDU’s standard metering charge.

A retail electric provider that is affiliated with or the successor in interest of an electric utility certificated to serve an area.

A person joining two or more customers, other than municipalities and political subdivision corporations, into a single purchasing unit to negotiate the purchase of electricity.

An ESI ID is a unique number within the Texas electric market assigned to each delivery point-of-service by the TDSP. This number stays with the residence it is assigned to, it does not move with the customer. If you are unable to find the ESI I.D., you can call us at 817-385-0305 and we will be able to tell you.

Kilowatt, the standard unit for measuring electricity demand, equal to 1,000 watts.
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  • Raise your thermostat to 78*. This is the number one way to conserve energy
  • Keep shades closed when the air conditioner is on. Sunny windows account for 50 percent of unwanted heat and can make your air conditioner work three or four times harder.
  • Check and clean filters. Cleaning and replacing air conditioning filters monthly allows the system to run more efficiently.
  • Install ceiling fans. Moving air over the body provides a cooling effect. The use of ceiling fans can mean savings of over 25% on cooling costs and can make the temperature seem 15 degrees cooler.

Energy Terminologies:

Frequently Asked Questions​

  • Run appliances with large energy use late in the evening.
  • Use cold water to wash dishes, this will on heating cost.
  • Unplug equipment not in use. Electric chargers, television and audio/video equipment use electricity and produce heat even when they are not in use.Turn off lights.
  • Turn lights off when exiting a room. Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact florescent lights (CFLs), also you can replace your conventional bulb to energy efficient bulbs like LED/HED.
Customer Service
Q:  If I switch, will the reliability of my electric service change?
A: No. No matter which Energy Company you choose, your electricity will continue to be delivered safely and reliably by the local wires company, a company still regulated by the Public Utility Commission (PUC).
Q:   What does Texas electric choice mean to me?
A:  It means you have the power to choose your electricity service provider. It's referred to as deregulation. It is a result of Texas Senate Bill 7, which enables the state of Texas to restructure its electric utility industry.

Q:   How does Skypower Energy help me save on my electric bill? 
A: Deregulation allows REPs like Skypower Energy, to buy electricity wholesale from competitive providers and pass the savings along to customers.

Q:   If I switch, will my new electricity be as reliable as before?
A: Yes. Since the transmission and distribution of your power is still provided by your current regulated utility, you get the same level of reliability. They will continue to maintain the poles and wires, regardless your energy provider. The only things that changes is your savings and customer service.

Energy Saving Tips:

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  • Wind turbine
  • Solar/wind installation
  • Dirty energy vs Clean Energy
  • Energy conservation tips

Oncor Electric Delivery Service Area 
TNMP   ​
​AEP North/ AEP Central

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Actual savings delivered to your business while energy costs fluctuate daily, specialize in Energy Conservation .

Q:  What happens if my Retail Electric Provider (REP) goes out of business?
A: You will not be without power. You should receive a notice from your REP giving you time to select a new provider. However, if that does not happen, your service will be provided by the Provider of Last Resort (POLR) until you select a new provider.'

Q:  If I switch, where is my electricity come from?
​A: Your current electric utility will continue to deliver your electricity. Your power will come from a regional power pool - a mixture of energy from traditional power plants and other sources like wind, water, natural gas, coal and sun.

Q:  Who do I call if my power goes out?
​A:  In the event you experience an outage, please call the outage number below for your service area. If you have any questions about your service area, call us at 817-385-0305.

​Customer –owned electricity utility as defined in PURA /11.003(9) that distributes electricity to members and that receives lower-cost financing through the federal government. In Texas, co-ops can choose to opt into the competitive retail market.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas Inc. refers to the independent organization in a geographical sense.

The movement of Electric Power and Energy through Company’s electric lines and other equipment, including transformers, from the point of supply to the point of Delivery and in the delivery of Electric Power and Energy.​

A charge based on the rate at which electric energy is delivered to or by a system at a given instant, or averaged over a designated period during billing cycle.

​The total amount assessed by a TDU for the delivery of electricity to a customer over poles and wires and other TDU facilities discretionary charges.